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Our Calling

We’re on a mission to provide a delightful internet experience to customers across Ireland. Surfing the web should be fun, flexible and accessible from anywhere in your home.

Because of this, we developed our budget broadband with local and nationwide availability. It’s a solution for people living in Ireland looking to get great service at affordable prices.

The internet is now central to all our lives. We live in an ultra-connected world where our relationships, entertainment and even work rely on seamless internet access. In fact, for many of us, the internet is so critical that we can hardly imagine living without it. It’s become an essential utility, just like gas, water and electricity.

Unfortunately, broadband carriers can sometimes fall short of our expectations. Customers expect great service, but they often get substantially less than they anticipate. Connections are slow, fees are high, and service providers don’t provide enough support or flexibility.

Therefore, we developed a new business model. Our local and nationwide services for homes throughout Ireland are the reliable broadband that you’ve been looking for. As a customer, you’re important to us and we believe that you deserve better service. We know how frustrating it can be to live without great internet, and we’re seeking to change that, one step at a time.

What do we do differently? Simple: we put you first. Everything we do is based on you and your needs. Our local and national services make it easy to get connected and stay connected. It’s a hassle-free experience.

Budget Broadband

We’re available to all Ireland residents and we offer some incredible additional services, such as mesh WiFi, phone, and home security. Switch to us today and experience the difference for yourself.