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WiFi Mesh Systems

WiFi Mesh Systems

WiFi signal is good in most homes, but our customers tell us it could be better. Systems don’t always provide complete coverage, causing frustration. That’s why we offer a WiFi mesh system, a technology that gives you WiFi signal anywhere on your property.

Conventional WiFi hubs have a limited range. Most can only supply signals up to about 20 metres indoors. This means that most homes have WiFi dead spots – super annoying.

The problem is even worse if your home contains materials that block WiFi signals such as concrete, metal, ceramic tiles, drywalls, and mirrors. Under these conditions, the WiFi signal range may be less than 5 metres or blocked entirely.

Our WiFi mesh system makes it easy for you to provide internet access in all parts of your home, including the kitchen, garage, garden rooms and summer house. Meshes work by strategically placing range extenders around your home to provide signal in remote spots. These collect incoming WiFi waves from your primary router and then amplify them in the surrounding area, effectively increasing the range of your router with no loss of performance.

We’re available to all Ireland Business and  residents and we offer some incredible additional services, such as mesh WiFi, phone, and home security. Switch to us today and experience the difference for yourself.